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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

Collect Tokens

There are lots of ways to collect tokens.  Just remember to show your membership card when you shop in any of the retailers taking part in Re-ward Club to get your tokens.

Where can I collect tokens?

How many tokens will I get?

You will only be given tokens when you buy products or services from shops taking part in Re-ward Club. So you’ll get tokens when you:

  • have items repaired
  • hire a household item
  • shop in a charity shop
  • buy second-hand
  • buy recycled products

If you buy items or services that are not included in Re-ward Club the shop will not give you tokens for the value of those products and services.

Spend on eligible products Tokens
£4.50 to £10.99 1
£11 to £20.99 2
£21 to £30.99 3
£31 to £40.99 4
£41 and over 5

What do I do with my tokens?

You can log your tokens in to your account  on this website on your virtual Re-ward Card or collect them in a safe place at home until you have 10 and want to exchange them for a voucher

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