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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

Handbags and Gladrags for the Christmas Party!

It’s officially December which means ‘Its Christmas!’ and it’s the start of the party season! Up and down the country homes and offices are being adorned with tinsel and people are getting excited about rockin’ around the Christmas tree at the annual party. But although everyone is in high spirits with the thought of a week off work over the festive period, there is an air of anxiety as the work Christmas party is looming, and you have nothing to wear!

But have no fear; the Re-ward Club is here to help you find a fabulous outfit and get Re-warded for it too!

To help inspire you we had a wander around some of the Re-ward club retailers in and around Richmond to see how you can indeed look $1million without the need for a bankers Christmas bonus!

Our first, stop – Vineyard Charity Shop in Richmond, a great little shop known to have some great designer clothes in stock for fantastically low prices. Being Christmas, we thought something with a bit of sparkle would be great, and this dazzling piece (being sported by our very own Kirsty) is sure to catch the eye. Brand new this jacket would cost in the region of £95, but here it’s on sale for a tiny £15! And as a Re-ward Club member you could earn 2 Re-ward Club tokens.

That’s not all, we also saw this elegant ensemble on sale for a little over £10. Perfect for the whole night, from the meal and drinks at the start of the evening to the late night boogie on the dance floor.










At our next stop, the Princess Alice Hospice shop in Whitton this dress, jacket and accessories combo caught our eye. A fine example of the range of accessories that is available in Re-ward Club retailers, all of which you can earn your Re-ward tokens on, getting you closer to your £5 voucher!

If these two shops haven’t already persuaded you how many great clothes some of our shops have to offer, we have one last shop to visit, and by jingle did we find some gems in Princess Alice Hospice in Richmond. As we walked up to the store we were greeted by this party dress in the window, and for a measly small sum of £15. A bargain I am sure you will agree but that wasn’t the last festive dress we found in the shop…

We picked out this amazing ‘flapper dress’ for a very reasonable £18. So reasonable in fact that Kirsty bought it after trying it on! Perfect for a glamorous night on the town during and after a party. There was even a sparkling handbag to go with it for miniscule £6.










So there you have it, some great items to keep you looking your best over the Christmas party period, all for a fraction of the cost in a high street shop, and all of which you can earn Re-ward Tokens. If you need an outfit or something to go with party clothes you already own make a visit to your local charity shop this week and see what you can find.

If you haven’t signed up to the Re-ward Club yet, do so now, it’s FREE and only takes a matter of seconds.

And once you’ve signed up you could collect Re-ward Tokens for altering an existing party frock as well. Whether you need it shortening, add some straps or the addition of extra fabric Victory Divine in Harlesden  can do a great job for you.

For more information on Re-ward Club or any of the Re-ward Club Retailers visit the website at, email or call us on 020 8150 9546.


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