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Hounslow Community Group – Tiebreaker Vote!

Calling all Hounslow Re-ward Club Members – Only a few voting days left!

Following the vote to choose 3 community groups for Hounslow, we have found ourselves in a position where we have 2 groups already chosen but there is a tie for the final place!

In the interest of fairness, the Re-ward Club Team has decided to put it out to a vote to decide who will be our third and final community group partner. Below are details for the two groups competing to occupy our final community group position, what they do and an outline of how they plan to use the money that you donate to them. Following the descriptions is the link where you can vote. Please have your membership number to hand whilst voting (you cannot vote without it). Please remember to press the SUBMIT button when you have finished voting otherwise your vote will NOT register!


Who we are…
CEDARS provides school and holiday activities for young people, aged 7-18,. Providing them a safe place to ‘chill out’ and take part in sports, arts & craft activities as well as speak to youth leaders about any concerns they may have. Many of the young people that CEDARS cater for have difficult home lives and no positive adult role models. In school holidays, CEDARS arrange day trips and also run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. This year 35 young people are working for their bronze award.

What we’ll use your donations for…
The donations Received from Re-ward Club Members will be used to help fund the cost of the youth leaders, trips out and allow the organisation to buy much needed resources for the clubs.

William Wilberforce Trust

Who we are…
The William Wilberforce Trust is part of the Holy Brompton Church and runs a Furniture Reuse Project in Hounslow. It’s staffed by volunteers undertaking a 16 week Employability Programme, aimed at resourcing and equipping those with major barriers to employment by providing workplace experience, training and mentoring within a growing social enterprise.
The Furniture Re-use Project, based in Brentford, collects unwanted furniture from local homes and businesses (restores them when required) and sells them at very affordable prices to members of the public. Roughly one quarter of all furniture sold goes to low-income households.

What we’ll use your donations for…
Re-ward Club donations would help sustain the work experience for the volunteers and go towards the large running costs of the project. Most of the team on the employability programme are ex-offenders, ex-addicts or ex-homeless and this initiative helps them move on to paid work.

Closing date for voting:  Monday 1st July 2013. We’ll let you know who all 3 selected groups are as soon as possible after voting has closed.

Please click on the link below to go through and vote!

The process should take no longer than 2 minutes!

If you are a resident living in London Borough of Hounslow and you want to vote – why not join Re-ward Club now! Go to our home page to sign up free or click here 


The Re-ward Club Team!

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