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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

January Update

This year promises to be a big year for us with our Hounslow Launch in April, voting for the three Hounslow Community Partners and not to mention the announcement of many, many more retailers for you to earn your Re-ward Tokens in! We’ll be out and about at lots of events this summer so you can come and meet us in person. If you think we should be at an event near you get in touch.

New Retailer in Hampton

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s our latest addition to our retail partners, Birdie Bikes!


Birdie Bikes


7 Wensleydale Road
TW12 2LP

What services/products do they sell?

Birdie Bikes provide a bike repair service, ensuring your ride goes as smoothly as possible. With a bike service starting from as little as £35 there is no reason not to get back on your bike in 2013!

Birdie Bikes also provide a great value for money bike hire service from only £20 per day, so if you want to go out exploring but do not own a bike then head in to Hampton and speak to their friendly and helpful staff and roll out, one very happy customer.

You can collect your Re-ward Tokens on any of these services; be it a repair job, a full bike service, bike hire or even buying a refurbished bike. So there really is no reason not to fly by Birdie Bikes!

Hounslow Business Sign up

We are currently pounding the pavement to sign up businesses in Hounslow. If you own or know of any businesses you think would be great for Re-ward Club then let us know by calling 020 8150 9546 or emailing us at

A New Year, a New You!

What was your New Year’s resolution for 2013? Do you want to get fit, help a charity, save money or be more environmentally minded? If so, we can help you keep your resolution and have some fantastic ideas to get you started.

Cycling to Greatness

If your New Year’s resolution is to ditch kilos or get active then we have a whole host of retailers that can help you out:

All of these Retail Partners will give you expert advice about cycling, whether you need to put your bike back on the road or need a bike and the kit to get started again. All the staff are regular cyclists and many take part in local clubs and events on a regular basis so are cycling know-how experts!

Giving the gift of time

All our Charity retailers, as well as our Community Partners, rely heavily on the valuable time their volunteers give and are always looking for more volunteers to help with a whole host of jobs be it sorting donations, pricing donations or even working in the shop talking to customers as they walk in.

We have a huge amount of charity shops participating in Re-ward Club:

Our Community Partners are:

If you would like to volunteer at any of these great organisations follow the link to their Re-ward Club webpage and get in touch!

Save money, as well as the Environment

Shopping with Re-ward Club can save you £’s by buying things you would anyway at places you usually wouldn’t. Instead of going to the large High Street shops to buy a new outfit, shoes or books, shop at one of Re-ward Club’s Retail Partners in a shopping area near you. Not only do the items have smaller price tags for the same (if not, better) quality but you can also earn a £5 voucher, saving yet more money.

Buy just a couple of items from our partner retailers to support local businesses, making your money go further and help the environment too, as without you shopping in these places, many of the goods would have ended up in landfill!

Wear it Love it, Share it!

If you have clothes that you no longer wear or want, don’t just throw them away. Swish them! At a Swish you use clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer wear as currency to get items you want in your wardrobe. By Swishing you will get value from the clothes we buy but don’t actually wear anymore.

Bring along clean, good quality items of clothing, shoes or accessories that you no longer wear to swap for other great clothing at West London Waste’s Swishing Events. Find out more about the rules of swishing.

Hampton Swish!


Curves Hampton, 77-81 Station Road, Hampton. TW12 2BJ


Thursday 7th February 2013


Drop off: 7:00pm – 7:45pm


Get new items: 8pm – 9pm

For more information, visit the event webpage.

Hounslow Swish!


Hounslow Library, Treaty Centre, High Street, Hounslow, TW3 1ES


Saturday 16th February 2013


Drop off: 10:30am – 12:00noon
Get new items: 12:30 – 13:30

For more information, visit the event webpage.


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