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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

Residents invited to reduce waste and save money by joining the Re-ward Club loyalty scheme

Residents in the borough of Hounslow are being encouraged to sign up to a new green shopping loyalty club that rewards customers who buy things that are reused, made from recycled material or make do and mend. Local businesses who sell reused, recycled goods, repair things and hire equipment will be able to benefit from the scheme in the future too.

Hounslow shoppers who sign up to The Re-ward Club will receive a token for every £10 they spend in the Re-ward Club outlets, which can be saved up and converted into vouchers to pay for all or part of future purchases from any of the businesses in the scheme. The scheme rewards registered customers who buy goods or services, which are reused, repaired or recycled, from businesses that have enrolled. Hounslow Council is taking part in a ‘Re-ward Club’ scheme with the West London Waste Authority. You can join now, for free, by logging onto or by calling 020 8150 9546. Members will receive a token for every £10 spent, with the first one given for a minimum spend of £4.50. Tokens can then be redeemed for vouchers to spend on reusable items in Re-Ward shops.

It is hoped the scheme will grow and the Council is appealing for local Hounslow businesses which fulfil the criteria to sign up to the project which encourages more people to think about cutting down on waste. If you’re a member of the scheme you can also use your Re-ward Club card in participating businesses in Brent and Richmond.

For more information about how to sign up to Re-Ward, call 020 8150 9546, email or visit the website


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