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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

Your Re-wards

Once you’ve collected 10 tokens you can exchange them for your £5 Re-ward voucher. You can exchange them on-line or post them to us.

Exchange on-line

Each token has a unique reference number and a QR code. Scan the QR code and enter the unique reference number in to your account or log in to your account, select add token from the menu and type in the unique reference number from the token. Your token will be added to your virtual card. When you have 10 tokens you’ll be given the option to exchange for a voucher or donate to a local community group.

Post us your tokens

When you received your Re-ward Club membership card you also received a ‘Redeem my tokens’ form.  Attach your tokens to this form and post them back to us.  We’ll then send you your voucher or donate your £5 to the local community group that you’ve chosen from our list.

Spend your voucher

You can spend your voucher in any of our partner shops, simply take them into the shop and present them when you pay for your goods.

Donate it to a local community group

Each year 9 community groups will be chosen. You can give the value of your voucher to any of these groups.  The six groups will be chosen later this year. For more information about this process check out our Community Group page.

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