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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new


RSPCA North West Middlesex Branch

Who they are…

The North West Middlesex Branch of the RSPCA works in Brent to reduce and eliminate animal cruelty. As in every area of the country, this local branch of the RSPCA raises funds to help stray, abandoned and neglected pets. All funds raised by this branch are used locally.

What they do…

In 2011 the branch was very busy taking in 731 pets. Thanks to supportive local residents a staggering 651 found a new loving home, with a further 44 reunited with their owners or transferred to other centres for re-homing. This branch also helps provide veterinary care at reduced cost for animals whose owners can’t (or won’t) pay for their treatment.

How donations are going to be used be used…

All donations received from Re-ward Club members will be used to assist with the costs of caring for neglected animals and finding them a new home where they will be looked after properly.  This could include buying food, providing veterinary care or lots of love and affection.

How to get involved…

We encourage Re-ward Club Members to donate their Re-ward Vouchers to our Community Partners, however, if you haven’t quite collected enough tokens to get your voucher yet there are a number of other ways you can support the RSPCA North West Middlesex Branch:

How to contact them directly…

0208 9669688

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