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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

HorseRangersAssociation-logo-150pxHorse Rangers Association

Who they are…

The Horse Rangers Association (HRA) was established as a charity in 1954 and aims to… “provide a healthy and fulfilling opportunity for young people, regardless of background or ability, to develop character, responsibility and a concern for animals, the world we live in and other people, in a safe and enjoyable environment”.

What they do…

The HRA works to supports personal development by teaching the management and riding of horses. Where possible, those with special needs are integrated into the mainstream activities but special sessions are run during weekdays and on Wednesday evenings for those who need additional support. Riding is extremely beneficial for core strength balance and coordination benefiting those with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and hemiplegia. These programmes run as a member group of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

 How donations are going to be used…

All donations received from Re-ward Club members will be used to help with the costs of the HRA’s programmes for children and vulnerable adults with disabilities which cost in the region of £95,000 per year to run. Donated vouchers will also go towards helping with the general upkeep and maintenance of the horses – e.g. feed, hay and veterinary bills. The money could also help with the cost of providing CRB checks for the many volunteers who help deliver the project.

How to get involved…

All donations received by the Horse Rangers Association can make a huge difference to the work they do:

  • £4.10 will buy one roll of vet-wrap bandage.
  • £6.50 will buy one bale of hay.
  • £20 can buy a vaccination for a horse.
  • £35 will provide a dental cleaning for one horse.
  • £65 would shoe a horse for six weeks.
  • £300 buys supplies for our riders and classes.
  • £500 pays for us to run a Young Carer day in the school holidays

As well as money, you can also give your time to this fantastic programme. Last year alone volunteers gave up approximately 16,980 hrs of free time to help, but they are always looking for fresh faces to muck in!

For more information on the different ways to donate money or your time visit the Horse Rangers Association Website

Horse Rangers Association    Stable Cleaners

How to contact them directly…

020 8979 4196 / 020 8783 3231

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