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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

Become a business partner in Re-ward Club

If you run a business that sells re-use goods or services, then signing up as a Business Partner couldn’t be easier. Take part in a scheme that’s like nothing else in the UK and see your businesses opportunities grow as a result of being in Re-ward Club.

On this page you’ll find a lot of information about Re-ward Club, please have a read through and if you want to know anything else please get in touch.

What is Re-ward Club?

Re-ward Club is a loyalty programme to encourage new and existing customers to buy from you again and again. Setting up your own loyalty card is expensive and could represent a significant business risk.  Instead you could be part of Re-ward Club – a loyalty scheme to encourage re-use (in both Charity and business sectors), repair instead of throwing away and sales of recycled content products.

What do you need to sell to be part of Re-ward Club?

  • Any products or services that you offer could be part of the Re-ward Club if it:
  • Increases the life of a product e.g. repairing a TV or an item of clothing
  • Makes a good quality second hand product available to buy e.g. second hand clothes
  • Stops someone buying something new e.g. hiring a hat or tools
  • Contains recycled material e.g. art from recycled products or mouse mats from car tyres

We will consider each product or service on a case by case basis.  This list shows the items Re-ward Club will definitely support and what cannot be included.

Wanted in Re-ward Club

  • Items sold in charity shops
  • Decorations from CD’s
  • Recycled tyre products
  • Pens and pencils from recycled material
  • Art made with recycled or reused
  • Washable nappies
  • Nappy laundry services
  • College courses for repair such as using a sewing machine
  • Repair and re-upholstery of furniture
  • Shoe repair
  • Clothes repair or alteration
  • Second hand furniture
  • Tool hire for domestic use only
  • Remade clothing
  • Recycled glassware such as wine glasses and vases

Unable to join Re-ward Club

  • Tool hire for businesses
  • Car repairs
  • Antique sales
  • CD/DVD rental
  • Recycled paper and cardboard products such as toilet roll or reams of paper
  • Cooking expertise courses

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Why should my Business join Re-ward Club?

You will benefit from the introduction of new clients to you who will purchase your products. The Re-ward Club exists to get more people choosing to buy pre-loved or second hand products and repairing instead of buying brand new.  Being a Partner in Re-ward Club could raise your profile and increase your sales.

We will promote your business

  • Re-ward Club will be spending money in the London Boroughs of Brent, Richmond and Hounslow promoting Re-ward Club to nearly 450,000 people.
  • Re-ward Club is supported by the London Boroughs of Brent, Richmond and Hounslow together we’ll look for as many promotion opportunities as possible.
  • You’ll get a page on this website promoting your local store.
  • We’ll be emailing all members of the Club on a regular basis, you can put information in these emails.

We will support you

  • Your staff will receive full training and instructions to put Re-ward Club in place in your store.
  • There will be a training service, a telephone hotline and some supporting literature for you and your staff.
  • You will be joining a loyalty scheme run by an outside organisation, you will not have to pay for the set up costs or for the advertising.

Can we take part?

Any business that sells the items listed in the previous question to residents of Brent, Richmond and Hounslow can be part of the scheme. You can be located in these boroughs, be close to the borders of these areas or selling products on-line.

How do I participate? And can I sign up for more than one business / organisation

  • Simply sign a copy of the Re-ward Club Business partner terms and conditions and return it to us in the post to become a Partner in the Club
  • We would like as many stores and outlets to participate as possible. You can register more than one premise on each agreement or if you are trading under different organisations you can sign more than one agreement with us.

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How does Re-ward Club work?

We promote the scheme to the public. They apply to join the scheme (either on-line or via a postal form). They get a membership card and welcome pack including your details.

Re-ward Club members need to collect 10 tokens before exchanging them for a £5 voucher. To collect tokens they need to buy products and services in shops participating in Re-ward Club. So to collect tokens they could shop in your store.

The vouchers can be spent in any of the participating retailers or donated to a local community group.

What additional processes will I need in my store?

We have designed Re-ward Club to be easy to use. In store you will need to:

  • Issue tokens to Re-ward Club members and fill in the token stubs
  • Send the stubs to Re-ward Club HQ, before 10th of each month
  • Accept vouchers presented as payment by your customers
  • Send vouchers back to Re-ward Club HQ to receive the money back

How do I issue Tokens?

Tokens will be provided for you. Your staff will give tokens to members of the scheme.  One token is given for each £10 spent in your store with a minimum spend of £4.50. When a token is issued your staff need to complete some details on the token stub.

Are there any restrictions?

  • Business partners cannot redeem Re-ward Tokens or vouchers for cash.
  • You can operate your usual business practices regarding customer service including discounts, returns, exchanges and refunds.

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How do I know what products and services I offer will generate a Re-ward and how many to issue?

We will agree with you what products or services you sell will be part of Re-ward Club. This will become the specific products and services list in your terms and conditions.

You can issue up to a maximum of 5 tokens per purchase.  The number of tokens is directly related to the value of the purchased item or service, e.g. up to £10 = 1 token. We will provide a look up table for you when you join the Club.

How are Tokens redeemed?

Once the Member has 10 tokens they can redeem them for a £5 voucher. The voucher can be used in all in stores participating in Re-ward Club. Your store will simply discount the purchase by the Voucher value.

The resident’s Voucher value can also be donated to one of nine selected local community groups (3 in Brent, 3 in from Richmond and 3 in Hounslow). These local groups will be selected on an annual basis with input from Re-ward club members.

How will I deal with the Vouchers that are spent in our store(s)/outlet(s)?

You will send the used vouchers back to Re-ward Club to be entered into the system. These vouchers will no longer be usable and the value of these vouchers will be repaid to you by Re-ward Club.

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What have you done to prevent fraud?

Unlike some loyalty schemes the tokens are pieces of paper rather than a rubber stamp because anyone with a Re-ward Club card could simply “borrow” or duplicate a stamp and complete the card themselves.

The tokens have a unique code 6 character code (mixed numbers and letters), this ensures that there are around 2.1 billion different combinations of codes. As each code is used it will be allocated in our database, removing all likelihood of fraud.

Vouchers, like tokens, also have unique codes.  All vouchers will be marked on the back so you know it isn’t a photocopy.

What else do I need to do as a Partner?

We would like you to display publicity materials regarding the Re-ward Club on the door and inside your premises and we would like you to provide feedback to improve the Re-ward Club on request.

We are also looking for Partners to help us monitor the effectiveness of Re-ward Club by providing information about changes in sales.

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What is the cost of getting involved?

There is an upfront cost of £100 to join Re-ward Club and this will give you over £3000 of free local advertising via the Re-ward Club promotional activities.

All Partners are also required to contribute to the administration and advertising costs of Re-ward Club. The amount you pay is based on your sales to Re-ward Club members. Businesses will pay a fee of 5% of the value of the transaction amount on products under the scope of Re-ward Club.

The maximum fee you will pay on any one transaction is £2.50 as the fee is capped at a £50 spend.  For example, on a £5 spend you will give 1 token and pay 25p to Re-ward Club whereas for a £25 spend you will give 3 tokens and pay £1.25.

If a Re-ward Club customer spends £10 repairing a pair of shoes and £5 on new shoe laces you would only give tokens and pay a fee for the repair element. In this example you would give 1 token to the customer, take £15 in your till and pay a fee of 50p.

Members of Re-ward Club will be able to spend their Voucher in your shop but Re-ward Club will reimburse the cost of the Re-ward Vouchers spent in your store so there is no direct cost to you.

How do I know what fee I’m going to be charged for being a Partner?

Each month you will send the stubs for each token issued back to Club HQ.  We will use the stub to calculate the fee and send you back an invoice showing how it is calculated.

How frequently will I pay the fee?

The fee is payable on every item you sell which is in your Specified Products and Services list.  You will be invoiced for this regularly – monthly or quarterly, this can be discussed individually.  The invoice will be based on the token stubs you return and will be checked against claims made by members of the scheme who buy from you.

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What else should I know?

Who is running the scheme?

West London Waste Authority (WLWA) is running the Re-ward Club to incentivise increased spend by residents in shops and charity outlets that sell re-used items or repair items to extend their lifetime and prevent them being thrown away. WLWA is a local authority similar to your local council. We provide a waste disposal service to your local council. The WLA is financed by charges made to the councils we serve. As a public body the WLWA is not a profit making organisation. Any income WLWA receives is used to reduce the charges to the councils and ultimately reduces the council tax bills of west London residents.

Why give re-wards for re-use and repair?

We want to stimulate the local economy by increasing spend in reuse and repair product and service providers.  Also we want to reduce the number of items thrown away that could still be used because paying for landfill of waste is very expensive, by reducing waste the financial cost of disposing of waste is reduced.

Where is this scheme operating?

Currently only people living in the boroughs of Brent, Richmond and Hounslow will be able to collect Re-wards in this scheme.

Will the scheme cover new areas in the future?

If Re-ward Club is a success it’s hoped to open it up to residents in other areas too.

How long will the Re-ward Club run for and what should I do if my organisation is facing changes during the programme?

  • All membership of the Re-ward Club ceases on 31 March 2013.  Organisations will be contacted about renewal options.
  • A Partner may terminate membership of the scheme giving notice of at least 14 days in writing to WLWA.  The membership fee is non-refundable.
  • If a Partner moves premises within the area of the Club their membership can still continue under the new premises’ address.

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How will the residents know about Re-ward Club?

The Club has a comprehensive communications programme planned to raise awareness, this includes:

  • 2 adverts in the Brent Magazine
  • Press releases from Brent Council and Richmond Council
  • A launch event in Brent and in Richmond supported by each Council
  • Flyers and posters for Re-ward Club in the civic centres, libraries and other public buildings, as well as in the Partner stores
  • Advertising in local newsletters, ezines and websites
  • Facebook, twitter and YouTube presence

Why would anyone sign up?

The Club has been set up to be easy for residents to join up to and use.

  • It is FREE for residents to sign up
  • Residents will get a free Voucher worth £5 by collecting Tokens through the Club.
  • They can use their Voucher to support local community groups if they chose.

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