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Re-ward Club: Rewarding you for not buying new

The answer to our Newspaper Conundrum!


Are you intrigued by our question in your local paper? Of course you are, that’s why you’re here!

So what did you guess?

50 %? – Well, 50% do but it’s actually more than that…

60%? – Higher still…

70%? – Spot on! A staggering number of people wear clothes that someone else had worn before but given away because they didn’t want or need them anymore. Most of the clothes that are given away to Charity are still lovely and are great quality for the small price you pay (if you buy them new it would cost a lot more).

Congratulations if you got it right. Whilst you’re here why not join Re-ward Club? It’s a free loyalty scheme for all residents of the London Boroughs of Brent, Richmond and Hounslow to join and every time you buy clothes or get your clothes altered at the shops in Re-ward Club you’ll collect Re-wards.

Every time you shop in one of our participating retailers you can collect 1 token for every £10 you spend, up to a maximum of 5 tokens on each visit. Once you have collected 10 tokens we will reward you with a £5 Re-ward club voucher to spend at any of the retailers taking part in the scheme.

You can collect Re-wards for buying clothes at:

  1. The Vineyard Community Centre
  2. Brent Samaritans
  3. Shine-a-Light Children’s Foundation
  4. RSPCA, Preston Road
  5. RSPCA, Kenton
  6. Victory Divine
  7. Princess Alice Hospice, Whitton
  8. Princess Alice Hospice, Twickenham
  9. Princess Alice Hospice, East Sheen
  10. Princess Alice Hospice, Richmond
  11. Princess Alice Hospice, Teddington

You can also collect Re-ward Tokens for hiring and repairing goods, so check out our full list of retailers. If you are a local business or you work in a charity that has a shop and are interested in being a ‘retail partner’ then why not read up on how you can get involved.

For more information call 020 8150 9546 or email

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